Vault cracker


The new slot game called Vault cracker is taking the internet by storm! It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s now available in all territories. What’s more, you don’t even need to download it to play. Just open up your favorite browser, fire up your computer and get ready to have loads of fun. You can download the free version or get the full version of this highly addictive slot game.

Vault cracker comes with eight different kinds of multipliers, immediate money payouts, bonus rounds and fourth chance paysouts. In the virtual base game, all the coins are where the big rewards are! And using the “hold-up star” artist feature, continually crack open various safes throughout the game for an instant, guaranteed to win! Each safe contains a maximum cash reward, giving maximum multipliers of up to 30!

The “payout chasers” also come with multipliers and special bonuses. You can earn up to three times as much cash in every game. Plus, winning jackpots gets you instant cash wins that can be used for gift cards and merchandise. Each time you crack the jackpot slot, your chances of winning bigger increases, so that when the next big jackpot comes along, you’ll be ready to take advantage of its increased value.

Some of the bonus features include the ability to choose from a variety of slots, all with their own unique graphics and sounds. Also, you can switch between the bonus rounds and win the jackpot straight away. Also, the jackpots don’t reset, so you’ll never get stuck wondering if you’ve won the same amount in two different games.

One of the great bonus features of Vault cracker is the free “heist master” reel. This reel allows you to try the heist techniques without having to play any of the normal versions. Here, instead of hitting single or double combination’s, you will need to hit the correct color combination by guessing which sequence appears more frequently onscreen. The diamond multiplier helps you keep playing, and once you have mastered the technique, you can go back and try the normal version of the game without the bonus features.

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