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Why Punters Should Have Several Bookmakers Accounts

With the ever-increasing number of bookmakers online, one may be tempted to choose one and stick to it mainly because it offers the best bonuses, payouts, or customer support. However, it is important to note that there is no single sportsbook that is perfect.

Today we have brought up this fascinating topic which is often underestimated by many bettors, mostly because most gamblers do not understand the need of having multiple bookmaker accounts if they have already found a site that meets all their betting needs and are happy where they are.

Bookmakers Accounts provide different odds

Bookmakers Accounts

Many bettors might argue that one bookmaker account is sufficient, but honestly, our experts have tried all these websites and came up with something interesting–if you yearn and feel ready to become a successful bettor, then you must consider opening many accounts and there are many reasons for doing this, with the most obvious ones being the fact that bookmakers provide different odds and having different accounts will only result in increased bets.

Read on to know the most significant reasons why you need to have an account with multiple bookmakers and why it is crucial for your betting success.

High Odds

With the increased competition in the betting world, every bookmaker is striving to offer their players the best odds to keep them at the sportsbook. The betting industry is quite efficient and if we must be fully honest, many reputable sportsbooks will offer you the same odds.

For instance, if you have an account with a reputable sportsbook online such as William Hill and decide to place a wager on Chelsea to beat Manchester United, you can do this on 2:10 odds, however, if you consider placing your bet with another site such as Wild Tornado has 2:00 odds, you will notice the difference between these two bookmakers, the question you need to ask yourself at this point is whether this makes any difference.

You can’t take advantage of the best odds you just found being offered from another site if you do not have an account with them. The internet has made it very easy for bettors to an extent that you can find an account with the best odds and immediately open an account there. However, this might take a few minutes, which is a lot of time in sports betting, and during which the odds can change. Therefore, it is always important to make sure that you have an account with different sportsbooks beforehand as a way of ensuring you are always ready.

Account Limitation

Bookmakers Accounts

One of the most horrendous truths that every punter must put up with is the fact that sportsbooks don’t like winning bettors. If you win consistently and regularly beat the bookmaker, you are at a very high risk of your account being restricted. Keeping this in mind, you should always be prepared and one way of doing this is by knowing that you have an extra place where you can place your bets in case you ultimately get into such a situation. Opening accounts with multiple bookmakers mean you never have to worry about account limitation because you will always have a place where you can place your bets.

The same thing applies to the players who mainly focus on arbitrage bets. These types of players ought to keep off the bookmaker’s radars and avoid account limitations to be in a position to follow their betting strategy. One way of doing this is by opening accounts with different bookmakers.

Welcome Offers

The sign-up bonuses offered by a sportsbook are an important reason why you should consider opening multiple bookmaker accounts. Every sportsbook offers bonuses to welcome new players into their site.

It is very easy to sign up at the site and claim the bonus. For example, if you need to make a $20 bet, why do it with your funds? You can easily find a sign-up offer, deposit the minimum funds necessary ($10 at most sportsbooks) and play with the bonus money that you have just received. Considering how quick and easy it is to register at a sportsbook, you never want to miss the opportunity of using the welcome deals you have received.

Of course, you must keep in mind that there are rollover requirements, but in this very competitive betting industry, it will be very easy for you to find a lucrative offer.

Special Offers

Bookmakers are known to offer a wide range of special offers including free bets and tournament/league special bonuses and many others. Surely, there is no way you will find all these special offers with just one sportsbook, the best way to go about getting the most exclusive bonus offers is by opening different bookmaker accounts. This is the only sure way you are going to get the extra cash that you can use to grow your bankroll and eventually increase your winning chances. By creating multiple bookmaker accounts, you can easily benefit from the amazing deposit bonuses, free bets, and other special offers.


Having multiple accounts gives a punter the flexibility they need when it comes to placing bets on the less popular sports. If your current sportsbook is not offering all the leagues or sports you want to place a winning bet, that means you have to find someone else willing to provide you with exactly what you want. There are many bookmakers and sticking with just one doesn’t make any sense because it means you can end up missing the opportunity to place all the amazing profitable bets on certain sports that you know more about.

Bottom Line

We strongly recommend that you make sure you benefit from the most recent technological advancements that allow you to open different accounts with bookmakers. This will without a doubt significantly boost your chances of achieving your desired sports betting profits. By using different bookmaker accounts, you can undoubtedly benefit from many special bonuses and offers.

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